Message from Mayor

On behalf of Council and our staff it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Town of Beausejour Website.

We hope that you are able to find all the information that you are looking for and if you feel that something is missing please contact our Office.

I am confident that when you visit our community that our citizens will greet you warmly and make you feel very much at home.

I am sure that you will be impressed by the wide range of resources we have within our community. We are blessed with a very large group of active volunteers that make this a great place to live.

It is indeed an exciting time for Council and myself to have been elected to serve our community for the next four year. We will work hard on being a strong team while using a common sense approach.

Mayor Ed Dubray


3rd Street Concept Plan

Planning for Future Growth

Population in the Town of Beausejour is projected to grow by over 1600 people by 2033. The 3rd Street area (see the land use map below) has been identified where future growth is proposed to be accommodated. The Town of Beausejour and RM of Brokenhead have initiated this process to provide an avenue for land owners to work together, while creating the opportunity for public dialogue about how the area should develop. This process represents a proactive approach to planning for future development and will promote a high quality, sustainable, efficient and attractive new community in the Town of Beausejour.

What is a Concept Plan?

A Concept Plan, also known as a Secondary Plan is permitted under The Planning Act and is adopted as a by-law. The purpose of the concept plan is to provide long range planning guidance for a specific area, which requires higher level of detail than the Brokenhead River Planning District Development Plan provides. The 3rd Street Concept Plan must be consistent with the District Development Plan and will address a variety of issues and objectives including but not limited to: subdivision design, municipal services, building standards, density, environmental and heritage issues, transportation and connectivity and economic development.

How can you get involved?

The community engagement process includes an online survey and two public events. The online survey was posted in January 2013. The first event is a community planning workshop which will provide the forum for people to discuss what sort of development the community needs and what it should look like. The second event will be a public open house to present back the ideas generated during the workshop and how they inform planning policy directions and proposed policies.

For More Information Please Contact:

Chris Baker, Planner
MMM Group Ltd
204-943-3178 /

3rd Street Concept Plan overview map

3rd Street Concept proposed land use

Map legend


Town of Beausejour Report on Recommended Traffic Improvements

Please click on the following links to review:

Recommended Traffic Improvements Power point Presentation

Oulton A Rogers Consulting Services Ltd. Engineering Report


Cats And Dogs

As per Town of Beausejour By-law 1732/16 all cats and dogs over the age of six months must be licensed.  Fees are: Male or Female $25.00, Sterile $15.00.  If found running at large, the animal may be apprehended.

Municipal Enforcement Officer:

Rick Tomasson
Box 1028, Beausejour, MB  R0E 0C0
Phone: (204)268-4514


Open Fires

As per Town of Beausejour By-law 1673/12 open fires are strictly prohibited in the Town of Beausejour except upon special authorization of Council.


Building Permits

Permits are required for construction, erection, placement, alteration, repair, renovation, demolition, relocation, removal, occupancy or change in occupancy of any building or addition to a building.

Development Officer:

Murray Cutmore
Box 1330, Beausejour, MB  R0E 0C0
Phone: (204)268-6705


Fire Department

The Fire Chief of the Beausejour Brokenhead Fire Department is Jamie Kines.  For further information call the Fire Department at (204)268-7565.