The Manitoba Glass Works Historic Site is the site of the first glass container factory in Western Canada. It was built in 1906 by Joseph Keilback and his partners. Glass-blowers from Poland and the United States, aided by local labour, used silica sands to produce bottles for breweries and soft drink companies in Winnipeg, serving the prairie market. Semi-automatic machines were soon installed to increase production. Winnipeg businessmen took over and enlarged the plant between 1909 and 1911. The new company expanded its production to include jars and medicine and ink bottles. At its peak it employed 350 workers.

This historic site is situated at the south end of Glass Lake on First Street. It is open to public viewing throughout the summer months. Archeologists have participated in public digs at various times. Ink bottles, glass pieces and tools have been found.

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Recollections of Beausejour and the Manitoba Glass Works 1909 – 1911

by John Charles Raifschneider

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Manitoba Provincial Heritage Site No. 41

Manitoba Glass Company Site

Cemetery Road West, Beausejour, Manitoba

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