Welcome to the Rural Municipality of Brokenhead!


Message from the Reeve

On behalf of Council, I wish to welcome you to the RM of Brokenhead website.

Please take the time to read through the pages.  We hope all the information you require is found within, but if there is anything lacking, please contact our Administrative Office.

Our community is comprised of dedicated volunteers working hard to make events successful.  We have excellent recreation facilities for sports participants and spectators, as well as parks and the sand hills for outdoor enthusiasts.  In the winter, hop on a snowmobile and take a ride on the many miles of trails.  The Great Woods Music Festival rocks its audience annually in August.

The next four years will be a time for change, transparency and common sense.  Our council is working as a strong team to serve you.

Reeve Brad Saluk

Map of the RM of Brokenhead

Click here for a map of the RM of Brokenhead


The vision of the Council is the RM of Brokenhead as an economically diversified and dynamic community that is a good place to live, work, play, and raise families, while recognizing the individual needs of its residents.

Mission Statement

The Municipal Council of the RM of Brokenhead provides timely and cost-effective municipal services, safety and protection, and infrastructure for the benefit of its residents, and does so in an environmentally friendly manner.  The Municipality provides a good environment in which to raise families, recognizes the individual needs of its residents, and treats people fairly and with respect.  The Council is committed to open and effective communication with residents, other municipalities, and other government departments. The Rural Municipality of Brokenhead spans an area of 750.5 km2 and is home to 4,635 according to the 2011 census. The most prevalent industry in the RM of Brokenhead is agriculture, but also boasts several industrial, commercial and recreational businesses that offer a diversified economic environment.

General Phone Numbers

  • RM of Brokenhead Office: 204-268-6700
  • LUD of Tyndall-Garson:  204-268-6709
  • Animal Control (Rural Animal Management Services) 204-223-5521
  • Brokenhead River Planning District: 204-268-6705
  • Beausejour Brokenhead Development Corporation: 204-268-7556
  • Agassiz Weed Control District: 204-268-1764
  • Brokenhead River Recreation Commission: 204-268-9266, ext. 3
  • Brokenhead River Regional Library: 204-268-7570
  • Garson Arena: 204-268-3312
  • Tyndall Village Community Centre: 204-268-4427
  • Sun Gro Centre: 204-268-9266
  • Brokenhead River Community Hall: 204-268-2146
  • SPLASH Regional Aquatic Centre: 204-268-1672
  • Beausejour Handi-Van: 204-268-4123
  • Brokenhead Outreach for Seniors: 204-268-7300
  • Beau-Head Senior Centre: 204-268-2444
  • Beausejour-Brokenhead Fire Department: 204-268-7565
  • RCMP:  204-268-2612