The History of the Beausejour & District Chamber of Commerce began in 1938 when it was founded by dedicated business leaders of our community.  Unfortunately, records prior to 1975 are no longer available on how our business leaders of that era maintained an active role in the community’s growth and well-being. Over the years, commercial leaders of our business  community have served to provide education, leadership, unity, marketing ideas and entertainment for the betterment of our area. Be sure to scroll to the end to see Chamber historical initiatives pictures. Membership information click here


1938- 2013, 75 years of  Chamber history  ‘Bringing Businesses Together’


In 2013 we celebrated our history of 75 years in our communities for the full year. Beginning with approving  the addition of ’75th’ to our logo for the year, holding our AGM at a larger venue with speakers and to celebrate Small Business Week we held an evening with comedian Matt Falk and Keynote Speaker Chris Fougere and trade tables co-hosted with Community Futures Winnipeg River. Chamber’s Objectives:

  • To serve Commerce and the Beausejour & District community, take and express positions and opinions on public issues on behalf of its membership
  • To promote the economic, civic, educational and cultural interests of the Town of Beausejour and the surrounding area
  • To communicate information of topical subjects of interest to the Chamber members
  • To facilitate business and social contact amongst members of the Chamber
  • To undertake and carry out projects and activities consistent with the foregoing objectives

The Beausejour & District Chamber of Commerce is an organized body of commerce minded individuals who fill the positions of President, 1st Vice President, Treasurer and a contract position of Executive Director. There are also six Director positions who lead various committees and projects involving Membership, Civic & Public Affairs, Retail Merchants, Tourism and Agriculture. Over the years the Chamber’s membership has cycled with rises and falls of the economic health of the Beausejour area.  Membership has varied from 48 to a peak of 104 members, and there has been a few minor lapses of activity from time to time.  The majority of the last 76 years the operation of the Chamber was dedicated to promoting and marketing commerce in the area, providing training for businesses, town beautification and leading and lobbying major civic changes in the district. The activities of the Chamber have varied over the past 76 years and our involvement has been from that of a leadership role to that of an information source for the RM of Brokenhead, Beausejour Council and various departments of the Provincial Government. Some, but not all, of the activities are listed below in the order of involvement from 1975 thru to the present time. We hope that you have enjoyed being involved with at least some of them:


  • Hosting the Agricultural Fair (1975)
  • Maintaining snowmobile & CPTC signs
  • Farm Promotion (especially during the Agricultural movement of the mid seventies)
  • Off street parking and the issue of parallel parking since 1975
  • Promotion of Beausejour and District
  • Sales and Service Seminars (Chuck Ries)
  • Store business hours at Christmas
  • Monday shopping issues (1976)
  • Lobbying for the four lane #44 highway (1977)
  • Tourism building
  • Income tax and marketing courses
  • Tourism promotion
  • Community Hall promotion
  • Organized the first of the local Trade Shows (1978)
  • Sponsorship of the “Hire a Student” program (1978 to Present time)
  • Implementation of the Group insurance program
  • Shop lifting seminars (1979)
  • Bookkeeping Courses
  • Town beautification promotion
  • Parking meters
  • Relocation of the Beausejour Liquor Mart
  • Park Avenue Parking, parking meters, and Traffic controls (1982)
  • Off street parking
  • Library Building
  • Summer Games (1988)
  • Phasing out the Beausejour Business tax (1988 thru 1990)
  • Promoting the new Correctional facility at Milner Ridge (1988)
  • Creation of the BBDC
  • Promotion of the Splash Swimming pool
  • Promotion of the New Motel for Beausejour (1988)
  • All Candidates meetings for all elections (1989 to present)
  • Moonlight madness
  • Power toboggan right of ways in the RM of Brokenhead
  • Area maps
  • Sands swimming pool project
  • Harness racing (1993 & 94)
  • Summer Sizzle
  • 0% Christmas loans for businesses promotion (1994 thru 1998)
  • Canada day celebrations
  • Agricultural Fair
  • Community Round Table Committee
  • Side street reconstruction
  • Yellowhead route & Laverandra Trail (Started in 1975 thru 2009)
  • Winter farewell (1997)
  • Snowmobile access to Beausejour
  • Beausejour Bucks
  • Christmas tree lighting (1997 to present)
  • Beausejour Monument
  • Chamber parade float
  • Chamber golf tournament
  • GMC 500 mile race from Beausejour to Bemidji Minnesota
  • Car show
  • Duck races (2001)
  • Area welcome packages
  • Snowmobile access to Beausejour (2010)
  • Lobbied for Healthcare at the 2014 Manitoba Chamber of Commerce AGM

History of BDCC

The Beausejour and area has been home to many businesses throughout the years.  As travel became easier and economic changes occurred some businesses disappeared and others replaced them.  Some of the major employers in the area have been the Glass Works factory, AECL Research in Pinawa, Milner Ridge Radar facility later developed into Milner Ridge Correctional Centre, Polaris Industries, Sewing Factory and the Beausejour Co-op  and North Eastman Health Association renamed Interlake Eastern Regional Health Authority. This is a partial listing of the many businesses that have operated in the Beausejour area:

  • Glassworks factory
  • Sewing factory
  • Military Radar Base at Milner Ridge now Milner Ridge Correction Centre
  • Multiple Farm equipment Dealers –Minneapolis, John Deere, Masey, Masey-Ferguson, Allis Chalmers, Ford, and Oliver.
  • Multiple Grain Elevators – including Pool, Agri-tel, Bialek’s, Agri Cor, and United Grain Growers.
  • Multiple Car Dealers  & Auto Services – Dominion Motor (Dodge), Pine Motors (Ford), Stephaniuk’s Garage (GMC & Pontiac), Gretsinger’s Garage (Chevrolet),  Agassiz Motors (GMC & Pontiac, Beausejour Chrysler Dodge, Cam’s Automotive, Bumper to Bumper, Sobetski Tire and Melnick’s Motors (Chevrolet & Pontiac).
  • Polaris Industries
  • Black Smiths and Machine shops (Mazur’s & others)
  • Grocery and convenience stores – Rumaks Grocery, Kaatz Grocery, Phil Shuster’s Grocery, Murray Shuster’s Grocery, Jacks Meat market, Melser’s Creamery, Beausejour Creamery, Beausejour Sausage, Food Fare, 7-11 Convenience, Bergie’s Convenience, Crosstown Convenience, Co-op.
  • Lumber & Hardware Stores – Co-op, Macleod’s,  Marshal Wells, Adam’s Hardware, Home hardware, Beaver Lumber, Beausejour Lumber, North American Lumber and McMunn & Yates.
  • Gas stations – Gulf, Texaco, Shell, Esso, Co-op, Price Rite, Domo, Petro Can. At one time there were 9 gas stations operating in Beausejour.
  • Personal Services; Barbers, Hair salons, Esthetics, and Tanning shops
  • Therapeutic Services; Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, and Chiropractic
  • Lyric Theater
  • Hotel – Beausejour Hotel, Howland Hotel, Steve’s Bar & Grill, Beausejour Motel, Super 8 and Superior Inn.
  • Several Laundromats
  • Florists and Photography – Hobans, Park Avenue Rose, Anthony’s, Beausejour Photo.
  • Restaurants – Clariss’s, Gateway, Bus Depot, Green Gables, Vickies, Len’s Chip Stand, Howland Hotel Restaurant, Beausejour Hotel Restaurant, Pappy’s, Country Bumpkins, Hobans Restaurant, Beausejour Bakery, Lyric Lunch Bar, Chicken Delight, Copper Pot, Co-op lunch bar, Lee’s Chinese Food, George’s, Dairy Bar and Sun Rise Café.
  • Hatcheries – Beausejour Hatchery and Funk’s Hatchery.
  • Cement – Beausejour Redi Mix, Green Oak Gravel.
  • Tailors and Dry Cleaners
  • Banks – Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal, South Interlake Credit Union, Sunova Credit Union.
  • Drug Stores – Pharmasave, Rexal, Beausejour Pharmacy.
  • Shoe stores and shoe makers
  • Pool Halls and Bowling Alleys.
  • Funeral Chapels – Russel’s, Soberings and Kynsh Funeral Chapels.
  • Retail – Mitchell’s Electric, Johnies Electric, Oh Susannah Sunshine Movie & Game Rentals, SAAN Store, Dollar Store, Scoop-a-lot, Neyedleys, The Bargain Shop, Fields Store, Prairie Scrap Booking, Dollar Tree, Red Apple, Dawgs N More Pet Store
  • Lawyers – including Bellen, Waslyn, Middelton, Hawranik.
  • Doctors and Dentists

The following is a list of the dedicated business personnel who have taken the position as President of the Chamber to lead our Commercial structure.  The years in which they served will precede each name.  How many of them do you remember?

Year                      Name
1938                     Founding of the Beausejour Chamber of Commerce – later renamed Beausejour & District Chamber of Commerce 1939 – 1972      No records
1973                    William (Bill) Kozyra
1974                     No records
1975                     Bill McClean
1976                     Ken Boettger and Walter Helper
1977                     Bill Kolbaba
1978                     Peter Riopka
1979                     Arnold Birch
1980                     Arnold Birch
1981                     Vacant
1982                     Gerald Denisiuk
1983                     Gerald Denisiuk
1984                     Vacant
1985                     Vacant
1986                     Howard Joyce
1987                     Larry Swain
1988                     Larry Swain
1989                     Fred Kazina
1990                     Fred Kazina
1991                     Brian Beger
1992                     Brian Beger
1993                     Harvey Giesbrecht
1994                     Harvey Giesbrecht
1995                     R. Leclair
1996                     Reg Black
1997                     Reg Black
1998                     Chuck Reis
1999                     Unknown
2000                    Unknown
2001                     Unknown
2002                     Larry McGonigal
2003                     Doug Sobering
2004                     Doug Sobering
2005                     Glen Lowery
2006                     Glen Lowery
2007                     Doug Germaine
2008                     Doug Germaine
2009                     Ken Zirk
2010                     Ken Zirk
2011                     Mrs. Kerryleegh Hildebrandtt
2012                     Mrs. Kerryleegh Hildebrandtt
2013                     Mrs. Kerryleegh Hildebrandtt /Lea Bangert
2014                     position to be filled

At present, the areas of Beausejour, Tyndall and Garson also serve as bedroom communities for our residents who work in Winnipeg and other communities. The Chamber continues to support the growth of the area welcoming new businesses and families into the community. For more information on how you can become involved please contact us  or phone 204.268.3502 Our members are profiled in the Beausejour Brokenhead Development Corporation(BBDC) professional Beausejour Brokenhead Community Video – Business Beausejour Brokenhead Community Video – Residential We’re on Social Media platforms; Facebook and Twitter

Chamber Networking opportunitiesBDCC Centennial Marketing ContestBDCC hosts All Candidates Forum

Beausejour & District Chamber of Commerce Private Members Statement honouring 75th Anniversary in 2013

May 30, 2013 – MLA Wayne Ewasko made a Private Members Statement at the Manitoba Legislature announcing our Chamber’s 75th Anniversary.
with BDCC President Kerryleegh Hildebrandtt and Anna Wolonciej – BBDC Marketing Director

BDCC and RCL Beausejour Branch 132 cohost a community Christmas Party

2013 – BDCC and RCL Beausejour Branch 132 both celebrated their 75th


Beausejour & District Chamber of Commerce mobile sign                Beausejour & District Chamber of Commerce EMTA advertisement

Beausejour & District Chamber of Commerce hosts the Winter Lights decorating contest and Community Tree Lighting

History celebrating the Centennial from the Town of Beausejour in 2012

2012 Beausejour Centennial Quilt profiling community businesses and groups. Common Threads quilting group creation is now stored at the Pioneer Village Museum.