Permits are issued under the current effective Zoning By-laws governing properties in each respective municipality and must be obtained prior to commencement of construction.  Please allow a maximum of fifteen (15) working days to process your permit application.

Applications must include:

  • complete legal description and civic addressing of the subject property
  • tax roll account number
  • owner name, mailing address and contact telephone numbers
  • contractor name, mailing address and contact telephone numbers
  • site plan showing proposed setbacks of the new construction from property lines and all exsiting structures on the site.
  • two (2) complete sets of blueprints of the proposed construction with a professional engineer’s stamp on the foundation plan.
  • preserved wood foundations require the engineer provide written “Assurance of Professional Design and Commitment for Inspection’ regarding the architectural and structural integrity of the foundation.

Murray Cutmore, Development Officer/Building Inspector

Office telephone:  204-268-6705

Office fax:  204-268-1504


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